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Roam Safely Dog Leashes

Aircraft Dynamic Technology Design: State of the art designed dog leashes

Available in 3 lengths: 3.5 ft, 10 ft, and 20ft


Advantages of The Roam Safely Dog Leash

  • Can be used when crossing the road in traffic.
  • When approaching other dogs that are on or off leash.
  • On roads without sidewalks.
  • When other dogs, cats or other animals are in the vicinity.
  • Trips to the vet.
  • Getting past road blocks.
  • In buildings where dogs are allowed.

The dog can be brought under control very quickly to the handler's side when needed.
The handler can keep full attention of the situation without having to look down at the dog.


The leash consists of a round plastic handle with ends drilled to accept ends of a Bungee cord that is fastened in with pins. The center of the bungee is fastened to an aircraft cable. The bottom of the cable has a steel ring. The ring is attached to a short leash with a hook on the end that is fastened to the dog's collar. Aircraft cable is used for its superior strength, resistance to tangling, and is chew proof. Also it provides a smooth unobstructed surface for the hand to slide down. This construction provides the above advantages not offered by conventional leashes.


Under normal usage, the bungee handle is used. When an occasion that requires close control arises, the walker continues walking while his full attention can remain on the hazardous situation. While continuing to hold the upper handle in one hand, the handler may slide his free hand down the cable to grasp the short leash handle. At this point, the walker is now in full control of the dog. When the hazard is passed, the handler can release the lower handle while continuing the walk.

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